A bold, ambitious goal for any healthcare marketing agency. But Jennings isn’t a typical agency. Our focus isn’t on what’s been done. We’re far more interested in what’s next. And in this complex healthcare environment, that’s exactly what our clients need us to be focused on. We’re constantly looking ahead. Guiding. Anticipating change. It’s a philosophy that’s led us to develop novel approaches for more than 80 healthcare clients around the country.

We were the first in the country to introduce a hospital mommy blog. The first to advocate and develop online communities for healthcare systems.

The first to champion digital physician relations as an integral part of strategic marketing plans. The first to teach healthcare organizations the importance of using social media to manage crisis communications.

Every day, we’re thinking about new ways to approach hospital and healthcare marketing and advertising. And how to give patients and families new perspectives and new information on healthcare – so they can make better, more informed decisions.

We think that will make the world a healthier place. And we’re always looking for partners who think that way, too.


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