7 Ways to Repurpose Your Marketing Materials for Social Media


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It’s hard to believe, but many hospitals still have not fully embraced social media. While most organizations have at least established a presence, many fail to keep their platforms up-to-date with new information and engage with their audiences. (I can’t tell you how many Twitter accounts or Facebook pages I have seen that haven’t posted new content in months.)

What’s preventing marketing directors from using social media effectively? A common excuse I hear cited is lack of time to research and write content. What most people don’t realize is they already have a wealth of information at their fingertips. If you take a look around your existing marketing materials, you’ll see that you probably have a ton of content that can easily be repurposed for social media. Repurposing content is one of the keys to managing a successful social media program with limited resources.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Your website: Take a quick look at Google Analytics. Which pages are most popular? Share content from your most popular pages, such as information about a service line, a helpful visitor’s guide, or how to make an appointment.
  1. Advertising campaigns: Different platforms reach different audiences. The same person who follows you on Facebook may not see your outdoor board. This is a great opportunity to share on-target messaging with a new audience, or to reach your existing audience from a new angle. With a few tweaks, your print ad could make a great Facebook post and can be broken down into several Tweets.
  1. Hospital videos: Make it easier for people to find your videos by sharing them on each platform – especially Facebook. Studies show that native Facebook videos get more reach than any other type of post.
  1. Blog posts: You’ve committed the time and effort to write a blog post. Echoing my previous suggestion, make it easier for your audience to find your posts by sharing each one. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all great platforms for sharing a link to a new blog post.
  1. Your Newsletter: This is a great opportunity to share your content with a new audience. Rather than sharing a link to the entire newsletter, share one story at a time. At the end of each story, you can encourage your audience to sign up for your newsletter to stay up-to-date on similar information.
  1. Website health library: Many healthcare organizations feature health libraries on their websites. Pay attention to health awareness months and popular news stories, and share corresponding information or resources from your website.
  1. Community Events: Know of a fun event happening in your community? Share it on your hospital’s social media channels. Your content becomes much more interesting when you aren’t always talking about your hospital. Plus, sharing other organizations’ events helps to enforce that you are an active community member and may make it easier to ask others to share your information.

Have any other ideas? Feel free to share!

Kate Gillmer

Kate is our social media connoisseur here at Jennings, helping manage the social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs) for many of our healthcare clients. If you want to know the pros and cons of HootSuite versus Sprout Social, Kate can tell you.

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