Article: The Digital Future of Physician Marketing and a New Role for Physician Liaisons

screen-shot-2020-06-05-at-8-49-33-amIn order to handle the growing volume of content and the addition of new digital channels, roles within the physician relations department may need to evolve or change. One new position that seems likely to develop is that of the digital physician relations content marketer: a point person within the department responsible for aggregating digital content and disseminating it across numerous digital channels.

Physician liaisons could also potentially become digital physician relations specialists. By adding digital communication to their roles, liaisons could significantly expand their reach. Today, liaisons are limited in the number of practices they can visit in a day. But with the help of social media, they can freely disseminate information about their organizations and reach out to practices far and wide, no longer encumbered by the obstacles of geography and time.

For the digital physician relations specialist, in addition to the traditional functions of a liaison, a portion of each day would be spent using social media. The digital specialist would post content linking back to the organization’s website, blog, microsite, or some other digital hub; retweet information shared by “faculty tweeters”; and direct community physicians to the organization’s online resources for referring physicians.

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