Healthcare Marketing Through Video Production

Creating a powerful video takes more than just technical skill. There are thousands of ways to tell a story on camera, yet buried under all of these details is a compelling message that people will care about. Jason Stepanek, Jennings’ Web Content and Video Manager, describes the process of creating thought-provoking videos that form a strong connection between your organization…

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  • Marketing Care Coordination

    As healthcare continues to evolve, so do the challenges faced by hospitals and their marketing departments. It will become increasingly important to involve marketing departments in new organizational initiatives as we move into the realm of population health management and strive to engage consumers in their own health. In the video below, Dan Dunlop shares ideas for how hospital marketing…

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  • Dan Dunlop Ranked Among Top Influencers in Healthcare Social Media Realm

    Each year the professionals who are active in the health IT social media realm go through a nomination process on Twitter to crowdsource a list of the top influencers in this area of interest, known as the #HIT100. The 2016 list was just published and Jennings principal, Dan Dunlop, ranked #25 on the list. Dan has a well-established reputation as a thought…

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  • Join Dan Dunlop For An Amazing Social Media Workshop: July 27, 2016

    On July 27, 2016, one of our principals, Dan Dunlop, will be participating in what promises to be a terrific social media workshop in Lebanon, New Hampshire - "Social Media for Branding and Crisis Communication." The workshop is being sponsored by Dartmouth-Hitchcock, PRSA Yankee Chapter, the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) and the New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA).…

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  • Collaborating for Community Health

      Although many of us have not yet accepted it, healthcare delivery is changing around us; and the ways in which we work to improve the health of the communities we serve is undergoing a fundamental transformation. This was recently confirmed when I attended the Duke/ Durham Health Summit with several of Jennings’ clients from the Practical Playbook. The theme…

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  • Launching a New Campaign? Don’t Forget Social Media.

    Launching A New Campaign? Don’t Forget Social Media.

    It’s no small undertaking to launch a new marketing campaign. We invest a ton of time, research, and funding to develop and package messaging that will resonate with patients. We carefully select the best channels to reach our target audiences. We adapt our ideas to fit radio, television, print, outdoor, and digital platforms. However, I notice that healthcare organizations often forget about…

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  • 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Marketing Materials for Social Media

      It’s hard to believe, but many hospitals still have not fully embraced social media. While most organizations have at least established a presence, many fail to keep their platforms up-to-date with new information and engage with their audiences. (I can’t tell you how many Twitter accounts or Facebook pages I have seen that haven’t posted new content in months.)…

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  • Suing Your Critics Is Not the Answer

    Over the past few months, I have read an increasing number of articles describing a new trend in which businesses sue customers for posting negative online reviews. Whether the plaintiffs are hoping to win damages or simply silence their critics, it seems to me that these businesses have a gross misunderstanding about the value of customer reviews (and the importance…

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Is Not the Issue

    It’s Pinktober. You know what that means: breast cancer is in the spotlight. We see it on TV, in human-interest pieces on morning news shows, and on the pink gloves of our favorite football players. We see the famous pink ribbon in our favorite stores, on special-edition boxes of cereal, cosmetic palettes (some of which contain cancer-causing chemicals) and Post-it…

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