What Does it Take to Tell a Great Story?


Sometimes in healthcare advertising it can be easy to get bogged down in statistics. Healthcare is full of science and numbers, so it can be tempting to make them the focus of your message. Numbers and rankings are certainly important, they can’t be the only content in your message. People don’t form emotional connections with a logical arguments and statistics.…

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  • Moving from Healthcare Marketing to Community Building

    Last week, Dan conducted a webinar on the importance of building online communities for the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo). Head over to his blog for a closer look at why healthcare needs to move from marketing to online community building. http://thehealthcaremarketer.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/from-healthcare-marketing-to-community-building/

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  • Sharing Our Social Media Information with Physicians

    Every Tuesday at 8:30pm, I participate in the Healthcare Leadership (#HCLDR) Twitter chat. As someone still early in my healthcare communications career, I have found the chat to be educational and eye-opening. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss issues facing the healthcare industry with professionals who offer different perspectives than I face every day, such as patient advocates, health IT…

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  • Coming to an Airport Near You: Wellness Campaigns

    Have you seen Steward Healthcare's wellness campaign in Boston Logan Airport? Head over to The Healthcare Marketer to learn more about their healthy living initiative and for a few ideas you may be able to implement in your next wellness campaign: http://thehealthcaremarketer.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/steward-healthcare-joins-dunkin-donuts-in-boston-airport-marketing/

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  • How Do You Describe Patient Engagement?

    These days, the topic of patient engagement comes up quite often in the healthcare industry. We know that creating a positive relationship and open dialogue between patient and practitioner will improve care, but how do we get there? Head over to Dan's blog to check out this video from a 15-year-old who manages to to nail the essence of patient engagement and…

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  • Do You Know What Content Your Community is Looking For?

    Do you monitor your website and social media sites to track which content is most popular with your users? If not, how would you know which content your patients find most useful? How do you know what kind of content you should produce in the future? It’s common for hospitals to use their social media channels to share health information.…

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