10 Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

When you're working on a video project, you need to be in storyteller mode.  Importantly, you are not just imparting information; you are crafting a story that you hope will connect on some significant level with the specific audiences. The challenge you face is that there are any number of variables that can prevent the connection from happening: bad lighting, a…

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  • The Value of Return on Community in Healthcare

    From the eBook by Dan Dunlop, Principal: The notion is simple yet revolutionary: Make an investment in community and you will realize a return on your investment. At a time when many healthcare marketing pundits are emphasizing the importance of measuring and reporting Return on Investment (ROI), we believe it is time for us to embrace the concept of “Return on…

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  • We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

    We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

    Over the past few months, my blog posts have focused on the many benefits of embracing Healthcare Transparency within your hospital, health system, or physician practice. In a previous article, Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer, I explored the idea of implementing a healthcare transparency program and how doing so could have a positive impact on several areas of your organization.…

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  • Making Your Healthcare Transparency Program a Success

    In my previous blog post, Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer; we explored the idea of implementing a healthcare transparency program. If you recall, the idea is to leverage your CAHPS or other physician survey data as a way to improve your physician’s online reputation, positively impact SEO, elevate your brand, and continue down the road to real, measurable…

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  • Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer

    Press Ganey, NRC, HealthStream, PRC, Avatar.  If you are part of a hospital, health system, or medical practice, there is a very good chance that one of these names rings a very distinct bell. In fact, I’m sure you have heard conversations that begin something like “We just got our (insert previously mentioned company name here) scores and we are…

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  • We Need to Look at Responsive Design and Mobile Differently

    Differently? Absolutely!  Why on earth would we want to do that?  Let’s start with a small step backward and examine what we already know about responsive design and mobile.  This will lay the groundwork of why we need to take a different perspective and revisit this relationship. The What and Why of Responsive Design The concept of responsive design is…

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  • Were You Prepared for Google’s Mobile Search Updates?

    Google’s Mobile Ranking Algorithm went into effect exactly one week ago today. It is quite possible that you are already feeling the impact if your website has not been optimized for mobile devices.  Sites that are not optimized for mobile will see their search rankings fall.  Declining search rankings result in less online traffic and we all know the negative effect…

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  • Resolve to Evolve Your Marketing Content For 2015

    Content! It's everywhere and it can be overwhelming. As we start the new year, let's resolve to evolve our marketing content by cutting through the clutter and better engaging our audiences.   How? Let's take the ever-popular New Year's Resolution that occurs right before or just after the magical stroke of midnight for our inspiration! Shorten It Up Losing weight is always a very popular resolution, so…

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  • Nurturing a Human Connection with your Physicians

    Online search is a critical component in the physician selection process and nurturing a human connection with those physicians, matters more than ever in the digital space.  A recent Pew Internet study shows that about 80% of patients who are diagnosed with an illness go on the web to find information about their condition.  Another 44% of patients are researching their…

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