‘Big Data’ Comes to TV Buying

Remote ControlBig Data has been playing a large role in online, social and mobile marketing for some time now. It is now beginning to alter how television is planned and bought. The shift is happening due to the unprecedented amount of data available about TV audiences.

According to Dave Morgan, founder of Simulmedia, there are two trends that will have an impact on TV advertising.  The first trend is data – the availability of massive amounts of highly granular data. This can be both in terms of what people are doing on TV and what they are doing off of TV. The second trend is toward automation.

Major players in the TV audience management system include Rovi, Videology, Adap.tv, Clypid and PrecisionDemand.  These companies build dashboards and interfaces for agencies and advertisers that include detailed, color-coded checkerboard style grids identifying key audience attributes and value of discrete TV segments. For example, advertisers could use this information to make sure their ads aren’t wasted either because they are going to the wrong target or because they’re going to too much/little frequency.

Will your agency take advantage of the wealth of new TV data appearing every day? For more on how Big Data is coming to TV check out this article.


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