Broadcast-Only TV Homes on the Rise

Remote ControlI read a very interesting article last week on Media Daily News talking about the increase of Broadcast-only TV homes. According to Wayne Friedman 22 million homes (19.3% of U.S. TV homes) will be Broadcast-only and not subscribing to any pay TV service (such as cable or satellite). A year ago there were 20.7 Broadcast-only homes and this would be a 40% jump in the last three years.

With such a dramatic increase in Broadcast-only TV homes, the next logical question is why is this happening?  The article outlined several reasons for the rise. The chief reason has to do with finances. 60% of those who cancelled their pay TV service said that is was a cost-cutting measure.

Other reasons cited for the increase in Broadcast-only TV homes were more online video viewing options, not watching enough TV, other ways of watching live TV and watching few TV channels.

Check out the article:


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