Why Internal Security Measures Are Essential in Healthcare

  Last year, I received a letter in the mail from my insurance provider stating, “Anthem was the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack. These attackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem’s IT system and have obtained personal information from our current and former members such as their names, birthdays, medical IDs/social security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and…

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  • 10 Tips for the Novice Bloggers

    By: Dan Dunlop My colleague Kate Gillmer and I were in Vermont last week meeting with one of our hospital clients and a group of representatives from community organizations. Each of the individuals attending the meeting had agreed to become contributors to a new community health blog. Among other things, Kate and I were there to conduct a blogging 101 session…

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  • Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium – April 8, 2016

      We are thrilled to announce that on Friday, April 8, 2016, Jennings and Market Street Research will sponsor the first ever Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium (WNEHMS) in North Hampton, MA. Join us at this one-day event to learn from well-known healthcare marketing leaders, including a key-note presentation by our very own Dan Dunlop! Other presenters include seasoned marketing…

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  • Launching a New Campaign? Don’t Forget Social Media.

    Launching A New Campaign? Don’t Forget Social Media.

    It’s no small undertaking to launch a new marketing campaign. We invest a ton of time, research, and funding to develop and package messaging that will resonate with patients. We carefully select the best channels to reach our target audiences. We adapt our ideas to fit radio, television, print, outdoor, and digital platforms. However, I notice that healthcare organizations often forget about…

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  • We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

    We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

    Over the past few months, my blog posts have focused on the many benefits of embracing Healthcare Transparency within your hospital, health system, or physician practice. In a previous article, Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer, I explored the idea of implementing a healthcare transparency program and how doing so could have a positive impact on several areas of your organization.…

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  • 5 Social Media Trends For Healthcare Marketers in 2016

    5 Social Media Trends For Healthcare Marketers In 2016

    The world of social media changes quickly, with dozens of new platforms arriving each year and most marketers scrambling to stay on top of new features and innovations. If history is any indication, 2016 will be no different and will play host to a variety of new trends and changes in the social scene. Here are 5 social media marketing…

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  • 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Marketing Materials for Social Media

      It’s hard to believe, but many hospitals still have not fully embraced social media. While most organizations have at least established a presence, many fail to keep their platforms up-to-date with new information and engage with their audiences. (I can’t tell you how many Twitter accounts or Facebook pages I have seen that haven’t posted new content in months.)…

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  • My Year in Review

    By: Dan Dunlop At the end of each year, I take some time to reflect on what has been accomplished over the last 12 months. I find without taking stock of the prior year, the years simply fly by. It’s important to me to know that I am making progress – rather than simply churning through the months and years.…

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  • Suing Your Critics Is Not the Answer

    Over the past few months, I have read an increasing number of articles describing a new trend in which businesses sue customers for posting negative online reviews. Whether the plaintiffs are hoping to win damages or simply silence their critics, it seems to me that these businesses have a gross misunderstanding about the value of customer reviews (and the importance…

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