It’s a bird – it’s a plane – it’s an ambulance drone!

During one of the morning news shows, I saw a story about an innovative new use for a drone — one that could potentially save lives in the not so distant future. For his master’s degree project, a Dutch graduate student named Alec Momont has designed what’s being called an “ambulance drone.” A little background: Out of the 400,000 heart…

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  • Resolve to Evolve Your Marketing Content For 2015

    Content! It's everywhere and it can be overwhelming. As we start the new year, let's resolve to evolve our marketing content by cutting through the clutter and better engaging our audiences.   How? Let's take the ever-popular New Year's Resolution that occurs right before or just after the magical stroke of midnight for our inspiration! Shorten It Up Losing weight is always a very popular resolution, so…

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  • Nurturing a Human Connection with your Physicians

    Online search is a critical component in the physician selection process and nurturing a human connection with those physicians, matters more than ever in the digital space.  A recent Pew Internet study shows that about 80% of patients who are diagnosed with an illness go on the web to find information about their condition.  Another 44% of patients are researching their…

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  • Reference pricing examined

    Last week the National Institute for Health Care Reform released a research brief, “Reference Pricing: A Small Piece of Health Care Price and Quality Puzzle”.   In the report, the NIHCR reported that reference pricing (or more commonly capping) does offer some “modest” savings among shoppable procedures. The study looked at the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CaliPERS) efforts to limit…

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  • Are you beyond pink power?

      What have all these pink power products and promotions done for those folks living with and at risk of breast cancer? Years ago, the awareness efforts were about empowering women to make educated health choices while providing them with accurate information. The higher goal was to find a cure for breast cancer, reduce incidence and save lives. But now…

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  • The Connected Patient: Information as Currency in Online Communities

    Today’s patients are more aware and engaged than ever with their own health. And it goes beyond just looking up symptoms on WebMD. This new “connected patient” is increasingly turning to listservs, Facebook groups, Twitter chats, and other communities to find support, end isolation and meet an information void not being filled by static hospital websites. In his article, The…

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