Mommy Blogs: Strengthening the Marketer’s Tool Kit

Real women, writing about real life as moms. The mommy blog has become one of the most influential social media phenomenons in recent memory. And it can be a powerful weapon in your healthcare marketing toolkit. How do you get it started – and leverage it to build brand affinity and increase followers? Read a case history and learn how…

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  • Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan

    Is it time to move your hospital or healthcare organization into the world of social media? Which platforms and social media tools should you consider? Do your goals align with the culture of your organization? What is appropriate content? And the biggest question – how do you get started developing a social media marketing plan for your hospital? Learn those…

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  • A Vision for Strategic Marketing in Healthcare

    Successfully marketing a healthcare organization begins with identifying the competitive advantages within the markets the organization serves, then linking those differentiators to a measured assessment of the environment, consumer needs and preferences, and many more variables. Learn how your hospital or healthcare organization can create and implement a sound, strategic marketing plan.  

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