CHPRMS 2013 Conference – What I Learned

CHPRMS 2013 Conference - What I LearnedLast week I attended the CHPRM’s 2013 Spring Conference at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. The conference is smaller than CHPRMS’ fall conference but was nice because of the intimate setting. Being at the zoo was extra special and a great place for an event.

I thought the line up of speakers was interesting.  Reed Smith, founder of the Social Health Institute, was an especially good speaker. He shared strategic ways for health systems to enhance social media as well as measure it by connecting social media efforts to your web site and CRM tool. Here are a few tidbits from his presentation:

  • 81% of people believe if your health care system has a strong social media presence, then you’re cutting-edge in other areas.
  • You should be looking at your social media engagements every single day by each platform.
  • Personal stories are what draw the highest engagement/interaction on social media.
  • Use your mobile phone to record and post videos.  Some health care systems are paralyzed because they feel the quality of mobile phone videos isn’t good enough for social media.  It is.
  • Not all doctors write, but most of them dictate notes every day.  Some physician bloggers are dictating their blogs in the car to and from work, and then using a mobile app to email their verbal blog, saving them the hassle of having to find time to sit down at the computer.
  • What words keep coming up in your social media tweets, posts, reviews and other interactions?  Don’t know?  Dump the comments, reviews, etc. into a word cloud and see what words come up.
  • Try Facebook ads for your Bariatrics campaign.  Low cost, high ROI.


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