Community Building Versus Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing

screen-shot-2020-06-05-at-9-05-46-amThe marketing generated by healthcare organizations can be extremely narcissistic. Our ads, brochures, websites, and billboards all scream, “Look at us,” or, “We’re Number One.” We talk about our world-class physicians, leading-edge technology, advanced services, and amazing medicine.

Even on social media platforms, we have continued pushing content about our organizations. We treat these channels as new opportunities for content distribution despite the fact that social and digital platforms are ideal for listening, engaging, and conversing. The true promise of social media and digital platforms lies dormant as we push inwardly focused content. For the most part, we’ve lost sight of what really matters: the patients and families we serve.

Meanwhile, consumers today are participants in marketing. They engage in the experience. They follow, like, tweet, share, pin, snap, comment, and post. Consumers take in information on multiple devices and platforms, at the time and place of their choosing. Their attention is fragmented and they are driven to seek out the information they desire – on their terms. So how do you get them to stop for a moment and engage with your information?

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