Connecting with Moms Through Blogging

A few days after bringing in the new year, we launched our second Mommy Blogger contest sponsored by Signature Healthcare and Tufts Medical Center. From January 3 to February 11, we invited mothers from the South Shore area of Massachusetts for the chance to be selected as a permanent mommy blogger for the region.

It was an exciting time as we promoted the contest through social media (Facebook, Twitter, blog), online advertising (web banners), print advertising and traditional public relations (press releases). Once the submission deadline came for the contest, we were faced with the wonderful challenge of selecting our mommy bloggers. To our pleasant surprise we had so many great candidates that we could not only select four – so we choose eight mommy bloggers!

Each of the enthusiastic mommy bloggers we selected has a unique story and point of view to contribute to the mission of this blog – which is to serve as an essential resource for moms to share thoughts, experiences and tips with other area moms. This was even more apparent when all the winners came together for a “Meet & Greet” luncheon at Signature Healthcare. During the luncheon, the moms already began to connect, support and learn from one another.

It was an amazing experience to see first-hand how these women came together to form a community during the “Meet & Greet.” This was not only apparent to us, but also to the team of Signature Healthcare. The experience may have best been summed up by the CEO of Signature Healthcare Kim Hollon, who attended the luncheon to personally welcome and share his excitement with the mommy bloggers. Hollon said, “It’s great to see us doing something that is a bit unconventional and engaging with our community.”

To learn more about the mommy bloggers, visit On Monday, March 21 the Signature Mommy Blog will kick off with a first post by Robin Ruehrwein!

Kate Gillmer

Kate is our social media connoisseur here at Jennings, helping manage the social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs) for many of our healthcare clients. If you want to know the pros and cons of HootSuite versus Sprout Social, Kate can tell you.

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