Digital Ads In Flight

Ads-In-FlightWith the Federal Aviation Administration loosening rules on the use of portable devices during airplane flights, passengers can expect to see more digital ads in the future. Through a new partnership, Clear Channel Airports (CCA) and SmartTray International are joining forces to introduce new models of seat-back trays that will be optimized for mobile media.

CCA and SmartTray are coming out with three models of seat-back trays:

  • SmartTray X1 – features a fixed or rotating groove to hold a personal electronic device
  • SmartTray X2 – is a tray within a tray that  can hold a tablet computer when the seat-back tray is up or down
  • SmartTray X3 – is electronic and designed for embedding airline-owned tablet devices as a complimentary service

The goal of CCA is to help airline clients monetize the new trays by serving digital ads to mobile devices via in-plane wireless Internet. This means that a passenger’s personal electronic device could be transformed into digital place-based media with the potential for e-commerce. This also means advertisers can draw on different passenger data to target marketing messages including information like frequent flier numbers, hotels and car preferences.

Airline passengers using their personal devices should be on the lookout for these new digital ads in the future. For more information check out this article.


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