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Health 2.0 is an organization that acts as a catalyst for change in healthcare. Last week, I attended a Health 2.0 event here in North Carolina, hosted by our local chapter of the organization, Health 2.0 NC Triangle. At the event, “Community Madness – What is Connected Care?” we listened to three short presentations by local healthcare leaders:


Above: Kate and #HCLDR founder, Lisa Fields

  • Lisa Fields, founder of the Healthcare Leadership Twitter chat (#HCLDR), discussed Twitter’s impact on healthcare.
  • Dr. Gary Bennett of Duke University’s Obesity Prevention Program spoke about the lack of research behind much of digital health.
  • Dr. Hayden Bosworth, Professor in Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Duke University discussed the enormous cost of the U.S. healthcare compared to the results it delivers.

After the presentations, there was an open discussion among presenters and attendees. I always think it is interesting to hear people from many disciplines across healthcare come together to discuss issues facing the industry. Why shouldn’t multiple organizations work together to solve a problem? When we work independently, we end up spending more money and coming up with solutions that only solve the part of an issue that we deal with directly. However, when people with different perspectives come together, they can combine data, professional experience and patient knowledge to create solutions that can actually solve a problem rather than put a Band-Aid on a larger issue.

If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Health 2.0 NC Triangle event, I highly recommend it. You never know what you’ll learn or be able to bring back to your place of influence.

Kate Gillmer

Kate is our social media connoisseur here at Jennings, helping manage the social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs) for many of our healthcare clients. If you want to know the pros and cons of HootSuite versus Sprout Social, Kate can tell you.

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