“I’m just a believer that things will get better”


I think the battle for marketshare among healthcare providers has led to more acceptance and adoption of mainstream marketing tactics. The healthcare industry has lagged behind in its use of social media, but many healthcare systems, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, etc. are hopping on the bandwagon. It’s fun to watch all the creative ways healthcare providers are promoting their service lines.

The band, American Authors, donated their time to be a part of a great day for patients at University of Arizona Medical Center’s Diamond Children’s and Steel Research Center. The band visited the hospital, some pediatric patients were invited to be special guests at a concert, and it appears some kids attended a recording session.

A touching video was created and used at the foundation gala as part of fundraising efforts. Two songs were used in the 5-minute video: “Best Day of My Life” and “I’m Just a Believer.” The second half of the video using the song “I’m Just a Believer” is so inspirational. To see a sick child holding up a sign that says “I’m not giving up” and then a doctor holding up the same message was brilliant. Watch the whole thing…and check out the darling boy in his red wagon with his Elmo doll.


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