Lawrence General Hospital Brand Elevation Case Study

screen-shot-2020-06-05-at-10-43-43-amLawrence General Hospital is a regional healthcare system based in Lawrence, Massachusetts. In general, suburban consumers were not comfortable traveling to Lawrence because of the city’s reputation as a high crime area. Both the hospital and the city had gone through a period of transformation over the five years prior to engaging Jennings.

It was the belief of the marketing team and hospital leadership that a significant gap existed between public perceptions of the hospital and the reality of what the hospital had become. They believed that area consumers were not aware of the significant transformation that had taken place and were still clinging to old perceptions of Lawrence General (LGH).

Through an extensive brand assessment and perception study led by Jennings, using both qualitative and quantitative research, a clear picture emerged of the consumer-held brand perception of Lawrence General Hospital. This perception did not reflect many of the changes and improvements Lawrence General had recently undergone. This outdated brand image represented a barrier to achieving the larger goals of the organization. Said simply, the LGH organization had outgrown the public’s understanding of who they are, and we needed to bridge this gap through a brand elevation marketing campaign.

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