On Life, Death and Advertising – A Tribute to Mike Hughes

Mike HughesI’ve been an advertising junkie since I made the decision to be a copywriter during my junior year in college. I read Adweek and Ad Age religiously. I started buying Communication Arts Advertising Annuals every December, One Show annuals whenever I could afford them. I bought the books – Della Femina, Ogilvy, Bernbach. All the required reading.

Being from North Carolina, I was really tuned into the creative being done at shops like McKinney in Raleigh (at the time) and The Martin Agency in Richmond.

That’s how I came to learn about Mike Hughes, the Chief Creative Officer at Martin. I loved to read his copy and the articles he wrote. I’ve admired him and his work from afar for many years. But beyond just the work, I’ve heard and read how wise and kind and thoughtful he is – in a business that has more than its fair share of unpleasant people, he’s revered for just being…nice.

Well, I was saddened to learn recently that he is battling lung cancer. But in true Mike Hughes fashion, he began blogging about the struggle he’s going through and sharing his daily thoughts on life, death, friends, family and much more. All told with the wonderful honesty, integrity, grace and humor that I’ve admired for many years.

Here’s a recent article about Mike and his blog: theboomermagazine.com/dying-words. And I’d highly recommend that whenever you feel like you’re having a bad day, read the blog itself: unfinishedthinking.com.

I’ve learned so much about writing from him over the years. Now he’s teaching us all about life, death and dignity.


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