Marketing Insights Report: Preparing Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

screen-shot-2020-06-04-at-2-33-00-pmRight now, our hospitals and health systems are facing far more than a public health crisis; they are facing a financial crisis that could threaten their very survival. It is estimated that most hospitals and health systems will lose at least 25% of their projected annual revenue as a result of the pandemic. How will these organizations recover and how can their marketing departments help? It may seem unfathomable, but it is essential that hospital marketing teams find the time to plan for the inevitable pivot from ongoing COVID-19 communications to revenue-generating service line marketing.

Although COVID-19 may stay with us for some time to come, the crisis will come to an end, and hospitals must be prepared to hit the ground running with marketing that drives patient volume to profitable services. We can’t wait to start planning and developing marketing content once the pandemic is over. We simply do not have the luxury of taking two or three months to ramp up. Our response has to be swift and well planned. As the pandemic winds down, your plan for moving forward must be in place with marketing channels defined and content ready to launch.

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