Patient Safety is now top-of-mind with everyone in a Massachusetts hospital.

Since patient safety was first brought to light in the 1990s, studies have shown a staggering number of patients have been harmed by preventable medical errors. These errors range from patient falls and medication errors, to data entry errors and hospital-acquired infections, to name a few.

It is estimated that preventable medical errors lead to more than 200,000 US hospital deaths every year and $1.26 trillion in excess healthcare costs.

patient-safety-graphicFor the past several months, the Jennings team has been working with Signature Healthcare, a healthcare system located in southeastern Massachusetts, to develop a patient safety campaign that promotes their Culture of Safety.

The “I Choose Safety” campaign showcases a selection of Signature Healthcare employees making a pledge to practice good patient safety — conveying that patient safety is everyone’s responsibility. These wall poster reminders were placed throughout the hospital and at outpatient facilities.



The safety messaging also emphasizes choice and accountability, for both patient and employee. Throughout the day, everyone faces decision-points where they are faced with a choice: to do the right thing, or to ignore patient safety.

At Signature Healthcare, the choice is clear: Safety is the right choice — every time.

green-clingAdditional print materials included color-coded wall and mirror clings and removable stickers.

At the program launch, “I Choose Safety” branded notepads, pens, lanyards, retractable badge holders, wristbands and badges were distributed. Employees also signed oversized pledge posters and were photographed holding their “I Choose Safety” cards. These shots became large standees that were later placed around the hospital.


The campaign included videos of employees addressing specific safety issues. Signature’s CEO, Kim Hollon, was featured in a video introducing the program to the hospital staff.

Last month Tim Brennan and Bailey Woodling from the Jennings team were there to help Signature Healthcare launch the campaign.

From the feedback we gathered, the launch events were a great success.

Attached are some shots of the messaging and marketing tools we created.





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