Physician Marketing – do it right and it will pay off

Physician VideosAt Jennings, we have an exciting new initiative is called Physicians In Focus. It’s turnkey physician video production – interviewing, filming, editing – everything. The results are high-quality videos that patients and referring physicians can watch and get a real sense about the doctor on camera. Above and beyond just his or her medical expertise. It’s a great alternative to your standard headshot and CV on most hospital physician finder sites. We believe physician video is one of the most powerful way doctors can introduce (and market) themselves to potential patients and bring in referrals from other physicians.

But for many doctors, the mere mention of “marketing” is distasteful. For years, doctors have relied on simply hanging out a shingle and relying on patient word of mouth to drive business. In today’s hyper competitive world of medicine, you just can’t have a “build it and they will come” mentality.

Physician marketing can be thoughtful, insightful, honest and engaging. If you want evidence, just watch a few of the videos we’ve produced for Signature Healthcare:

If you’re a physician, the decision to market yourself is an important one. And how you go about it is just as critical. It has to be well thought out and done right. I recently found several online articles on marketing mistakes made by doctors. Here’s one of the better ones:


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