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Surgeons on CameraIn the past I’ve written blog posts about Lexington Medical Center (one of my firm’s clients) and its quest to build a heart center. The process of gaining approval took more than ten years. Today the heart center is a reality and the hospital has launched an ad campaign featuring its new heart surgeon. I’m not always a fan of putting physicians on camera (for TV commercials), in part because the advertising should be about the patient and the quality of care he or she will receive. But in this case, using Dr. Travis really works. He comes across as being believable and authentic – and is far more natural in front of the camera than most physicians I’ve seen. He is certainly an excellent representation of the Lexington Medical Center brand. To its credit, Lexington Medical Center produces its advertising in-house; so these spots are not done by an advertising agency. Mark Shelley, the hospital’s director of marketing and advertising, is the creative force behind the advertising. And he’s assembled a talented team around him that rivals most advertising agencies. Over the years it has been a pleasure watching Mark build his team and develop a creative culture within the department. (This is the same team that helped Lexington Medical Center win the national Pink Glove Dance video competition in 2011.)

This week Lexington Medical Center posted its Heart TV spots on YouTube. Now that they are in the public domain, I decided it was time that I shared them in this forum. Take a look at the new TV commercials promoting Lexington Medical Center’s Heart Center; and get to know Dr. Jeff Travis! I’m excited to share them with you. As you watch the commercials, think about how you can use video to promote your physicians. Remember, it doesn’t have to be through TV commercials, and they don’t have to be as natural on camera as Dr. Travis. But putting introductory videos of your docs on your website is a wonderful way to introduce them to potential patients and to referring physicians. Using video you can have a ton of impact for a relatively small investment of time and resources.


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