Renown Health Working Hard to be Renown: The Story of an Effective Thought Leadership Initiative

screen-shot-2020-06-04-at-3-41-07-pmAccording to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of renown is: “a state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored.” So, it was somewhat ironic that Suzanne Hendery had never heard of Renown Health when she was initially recruited to this health system after a long healthcare marketing career at Baystate Health in Springfield, Massachusetts.

She made the journey west almost two years ago because of Renown Health’s President and CEO, Dr. Anthony Slonim. Dr. Slonim came to Renown four years ago with a specific goal to “grow the stature and esteem of the Renown Health brand,” she says. “There’s an opportunity to get community health messages out on a national level.”

This article details Renown Health’s thought leadership content marketing program that successfully elevated their brand on a national and regional level.

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