Resolve to Evolve Your Marketing Content For 2015

Content! It’s everywhere and it can be overwhelming. As we start the new year, let’s resolve to evolve our marketing content by cutting through the clutter and better engaging our audiences.   How? Let’s take the ever-popular New Year’s Resolution that occurs right before or just after the magical stroke of midnight for our inspiration!

Shorten It Up

Losing weight is always a very popular resolution, so let’s explore its essence a bit further and try to apply it to our content. As marketers, it has been drummed into our heads that “content is king”. Don’t think for a moment that idea is going away anytime Resolve to Evolve Your Marketing Content in 2015soon. What is evolving is the way content needs to be presented. There is more of it out there than ever before and healthcare consumers have reached a point of overload. Attention spans have shrunk, and it is going to be difficult to keep those consumers focused for more than a few seconds at a time. People are busy and want the information they need quickly. Forget about long-form videos or white papers to do the job. In fact, the average healthcare consumer will barely scroll through an entire infographic! It’s time to put your content on its own weight loss program. When developing content, focus on keeping it short with the most valuable and impactful information right up front. Your consumer is not willing to do a deep dive to find the hidden treasures.  Make it easy and accessible for them without having to dig. Keep it short and concise. When long form is necessary, consider how it is formatted and be sure it is easy to scan for relevant points. Better yet, start with a short overview and then link to the long-form version. That way, your consumer can make the choice if they want more or not. With a little thought, you will be able to prioritize your content into easy to manage, bite-sized chunks that will be ready for your audience to process and absorb. Simple, short, and straight to the point is very good.

Get Social & Think Mobile

Now that we have looked at slimming down, let’s consider another popular resolution — working smarter! Believe it or not, this one happily builds on the success of what we were just talking about. Once we have streamlined our content, it only makes sense to insure that it can be repurposed and distributed in a way that meets our consumers right where they are.  In that sentence, we touched on two key things we need to be profoundly aware of this year as we strive to work smarter, and that is social marketing and mobile strategy. Yep, we just can’t get away from social media and we certainly shouldn’t. We need to make sure we are getting our new slim and trim content out to a larger audience when they are at that point of need. Social channels have proven themselves to be effective ways to do so. With selective repurposing and tailoring to the specifics of individual social platforms, your content just traveled further down the road. Match that up with paid boosting and the power of reaching outside influencers that can further pollinate your message, you begin to see that this is a worthwhile pursuit. Social can certainly help your content work smarter.

The 2nd part of that working smarter resolution takes us right up to the end of the mobile pond and gives us the compelling reason to jump in and get immersed. Why you ask? Well, it’s where our consumers are! Just think about the big numbers. On a global basis, almost 2.5 billion people access the web from their Smartphone and in 2015, over a billion of those people will rely on their Smartphone as their only access to the web. Do you really want to ignore a population of that size who are looking for exactly what you provide? Let me make this easy, content has to be thought of on a “mobile first” basis. It needs to be easy to read and engaging on mobile devices. Pinch and zoom will no longer cut it. You have to format your content for where your consumer lives. From now on, that place is their Smartphone.

Wow, we just covered a lot! We took two very traditional resolutions and made them relevant to our marketing content. We trimmed it down, developed it to be repurposed across social channels, and insured it is exactly where and how our consumers want it to be. Sticking to these resolutions will help you rethink how you present your content and insure that it is aptly ready to take on the challenges of 2015 and beyond.

Michael Dowd

Listen. Understand. Solve. Balance. In order to develop innovative solutions for our client’s marketing challenges; Michael puts his focus on all four of these. At its heart, business development is all about listening to the needs of the client, fully understanding the complex nature of those needs, and helping create solutions that they never thought were possible. When you combine these three things together, you get a perfect idea of the hard work that drives Michael each day at the office. Lastly, you need to add in the balance. Michael takes his free time just as seriously as his office time. He is a fervent French Bulldog Father, an avid supporter of local brewing culture, and a lifelong hockey fan. Listen. Understand. Solve. Balance. It brings out the best in Michael.

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