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It is a known fact that women are most often the healthcare decision makers for the family. They are usually the ones who take the initiative to make sure her hubby and the kids receive their annual physicals and other preventive care in order to keep the family healthy. That’s why hospital marketers specifically target women, or most specifically, moms, in their advertising and marketing efforts.

With this in mind, back in 2011, Jennings launched the Signature Mommy Blog for its client, Signature Healthcare, to create a community of moms who share their life experiences and advice when it comes to keeping their family healthy. It is also a resource for moms of all ages. Before the blog launched, Jennings held a contest to recruit local moms who were interested in sharing their experiences with others about the trials, tribulations and joys of being the healthcare decision maker for the family, or to simply share personal stories about the daily life of being a mom.

A large number of candidates provided write-ups advocating why they would be a great mommy blogger, all were reviewed, and ultimately eight moms were chosen to become a Signature Mommy Blogger.

Now, in its fifth year, the Mommy Blog is still going strong.  So strong, that in just the past 11 months the blog exceeded a remarkable 118,700 views – and there is still another half month to go for the year! This translates to approximately 350 visits per day.

Since launching in 2011 the blog quickly grew year over year. Here are the results:

2011: 30,196 views

2012: 42,017 views

2013: 64,261 views

2014: 94,000 views

2015: 118,700 views and counting!

Besides promoting the blog on social media to gain attention, its success is a result of the quality of the blog posts and the mommy bloggers themselves.  Furthermore, the blogs cover a wide variety of topics from ADHD and teething issues to recipes and child-friendly holiday activities.

Congratulations to Signature Healthcare, the talented mommy bloggers, and those who follow the blog on reaching the 100,000 views milestone!

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