Persuading Kids to Live Healthier

We hear all this talk about accountable care and health systems taking care of the whole community in attempts to keep people well instead of just treating them when they’re sick. Yet, most health system's advertising I see is still selling traditional service lines to the community. Intermountain Health, a national leader in the shared accountability movement, launched a live…

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  • An Anti-Smoking Ad that Really Makes you Think

    I'm a huge fan of ANY sort of advertising and marketing effort that 1) teaches you something you didn't know - something useful; and 2) makes you think about a topic in a new way. This award-winning ThaiHealth video via Ogilvy stopped me in my tracks. Most adults know that smoking is very harmful, but when you present it this…

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  • Putting Surgeons on Camera

    In the past I've written blog posts about Lexington Medical Center (one of my firm's clients) and its quest to build a heart center. The process of gaining approval took more than ten years. Today the heart center is a reality and the hospital has launched an ad campaign featuring its new heart surgeon. I'm not always a fan of putting…

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