Jared Johnson Joins Jennings As Content Marketing Consultant

Leading Healthcare Marketer and Podcaster to Spearhead Content Marketing Initiative  Renowned healthcare marketing strategist, podcaster, and keynote speaker, Jared Johnson, has joined Jennings’ content marketing team in a strategic consulting role. Johnson will lead the development of content strategy while overseeing the execution of novel content marketing programs for healthcare organizations across the country. This formalizes a longstanding relationship between…

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  • Renown Health Working Hard to be Renown: The Story of an Effective Thought Leadership Initiative

    According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of renown is: “a state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored.” So, it was somewhat ironic that Suzanne Hendery had never heard of Renown Health when she was initially recruited to this health system after a long healthcare marketing career at Baystate Health in Springfield, Massachusetts. She made the journey west almost…

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  • Content Marketing: A Cautionary Tale

    In the world of healthcare marketing, we go through phases where certain genres of marketing, specific techniques, and strategies take on a faddish quality. Right now, two areas getting a lot of attention are content marketing and brand journalism. Social media had that same impact years ago when it first came on the scene. Within the industry, there was a…

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  • Resolve to Evolve Your Marketing Content For 2015

    Content! It's everywhere and it can be overwhelming. As we start the new year, let's resolve to evolve our marketing content by cutting through the clutter and better engaging our audiences.   How? Let's take the ever-popular New Year's Resolution that occurs right before or just after the magical stroke of midnight for our inspiration! Shorten It Up Losing weight is always a very popular resolution, so…

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