“I’m just a believer that things will get better”


I think the battle for marketshare among healthcare providers has led to more acceptance and adoption of mainstream marketing tactics. The healthcare industry has lagged behind in its use of social media, but many healthcare systems, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, etc. are hopping on the bandwagon. It’s fun to watch all the creative ways healthcare providers are promoting their service…

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  • What Does it Take to Tell a Great Story?


    Sometimes in healthcare advertising it can be easy to get bogged down in statistics. Healthcare is full of science and numbers, so it can be tempting to make them the focus of your message. Numbers and rankings are certainly important, they can’t be the only content in your message. People don’t form emotional connections with a logical arguments and statistics.…

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  • Marketing… Come Rain, Sleet, Snow, or Hail

    St. Luke’s University Health Networks in Pennsylvania took advantage of the recent bad weather on the east coast and turned lemons into lemonade. With all the recent interest in the weather in the Northeast, the health system seized the opportunity. The health system partnered with local news station, WFMZ, to create a free weather app. Ken Szydlow, St. Luke’s Vice…

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  • Digital Ads In Flight

    With the Federal Aviation Administration loosening rules on the use of portable devices during airplane flights, passengers can expect to see more digital ads in the future. Through a new partnership, Clear Channel Airports (CCA) and SmartTray International are joining forces to introduce new models of seat-back trays that will be optimized for mobile media. CCA and SmartTray are coming…

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  • The Myth of Sisyphus and Why People Pick Boring Jobs

    I heard a story on NPR recently connecting the "Myth of Sisyphus" with some research by a team of Duke professors showing that people pick boring jobs over stimulating ones intentionally if they focus on pay and perceive that the more appealing job won’t compensate them enough for the effort it demands. Are we doomed to come in and repeat…

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  • Persuading Kids to Live Healthier

    We hear all this talk about accountable care and health systems taking care of the whole community in attempts to keep people well instead of just treating them when they’re sick. Yet, most health system's advertising I see is still selling traditional service lines to the community. Intermountain Health, a national leader in the shared accountability movement, launched a live…

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  • An Anti-Smoking Ad that Really Makes you Think


    I'm a huge fan of ANY sort of advertising and marketing effort that 1) teaches you something you didn't know - something useful; and 2) makes you think about a topic in a new way. This award-winning ThaiHealth video via Ogilvy stopped me in my tracks. Most adults know that smoking is very harmful, but when you present it this…

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  • Unique Storytelling

    Recently I came across an online article on the New York Times called, "The Jockey." I wasn't expecting anything other than a standard story, but this was no ordinary article. There were videos embedded in the article, sound and narration as well. I thought this was unique so I contacted my New York Times rep about it.  He told me…

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