NC State New Branding?

Here's a sample of a print campaign appearing this month for North Carolina State University. The ad appeared in a publication geared toward in-state business professionals. While I'm generally a fan of this ad, it's a quick simple read with good photography. I'm honestly more intrigued by the logo. If you've seen much of NC State's marketing the last few years,…

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  • Extreme Homeschooling?

    "Teaching to the test" is a personal pet peeve of mine. From the early days of elementary school through the last days of high school, public (and to a lesser degree private) schools spend countless amounts of energy and money meeting pre-determined, governmentally prescribed standardized numbers. Kids are held hostage by the requirements; teachers and administrators are incentivized by the…

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  • New Campaign Illustrates Health System’s Positive Outlook

    When Signature Healthcare launched their bariatric surgery service in collaboration with Boston’s Tufts Medical Center, they took a different route – a beautifully illustrated campaign showcasing a forward-thinking attitude. The eye-catching illustration style also carried over into an OB/GYN campaign. Check out the work and read about the reaction to the campaign by downloading the article below.  

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  • Marketing to the Social Physician

    With the emergence of new digital platforms, marketing to and engaging with physicians is a more exciting opportunity than ever for healthcare organizations. Traditional communications tactics must be supplemented with social networks and new media platforms to build truly effective physician marketing programs. Find out more by downloading the article below.  

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  • Jennings weighs in on being healthy

    CHAPEL HILL, NC - February 25, 2010 - Jennings, the Chapel Hill-based public relations, branding and advertising agency, has launched a new brand identity for North Carolina Prevention Partners (NCPP). NCPP is a nonprofit organization and a leader in reducing preventable illness and early death caused by tobacco use, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Their work brings together leaders from…

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