Are you beyond pink power?

  What have all these pink power products and promotions done for those folks living with and at risk of breast cancer? Years ago, the awareness efforts were about empowering women to make educated health choices while providing them with accurate information. The higher goal was to find a cure for breast cancer, reduce incidence and save lives. But now…

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  • Low-cost, limited-choice plans leave consumers satisfied

    Bob Herman reported this week on Modern Healthcare’s business blog that a new study from researchers at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute is out.   They studied narrow-network plans sold in six states’ individual-market exchanges for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Herman’s article is available here. After the first six months, those exchanges are reporting very few complaints from consumers who…

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  • Is it a “senior moment” or something more serious, like dementia?

    For those of us baby boomers that are beginning to wonder if our forgetfulness could be a sign of a bigger problem, take this to heart from a Harvard Health Publications article titled "Is It Forgetfulness or Dementia? “ A certain increase in forgetfulness seems to be a normal byproduct of aging and is perhaps a result of changes in…

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  • Painkiller prescription rates higher in southern US

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new study on opioid painkiller prescription rates last Tuesday. The study looked at prescriptions per 100 residents throughout the U.S. Southern States. 7 of 12 states with the highest prescription rates were found in the South. Alabama had the highest prescription rates in the nation. North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana…

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  • Persuading Kids to Live Healthier

    We hear all this talk about accountable care and health systems taking care of the whole community in attempts to keep people well instead of just treating them when they’re sick. Yet, most health system's advertising I see is still selling traditional service lines to the community. Intermountain Health, a national leader in the shared accountability movement, launched a live…

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  • Smile, You’re on Camera – The Truman Show Delusion

    I’ve always been really interested in reading about accounts of bizarre mental illnesses and amazing mental abilities like the ones Oliver Sacks writes about in books such as “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat,” “The Mind’s Eye.” I just read a fascinating story in the Sept. 16th New Yorker Magazine called “Unreality Star” about a young man…

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