Consumer Engagement Via Online Physician Videos – Going Way Beyond the Mundane

Well-produced, online videos allow patients and referring physicians to “meet” your doctors on a much more human and emotional level when compared to the traditional physician finder. In fact, well-respected healthcare organizations such as Meriter Health Services in Madison, WI, Signature Healthcare in Brockton, MA, and Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, NY have already begun using high-quality physician…

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  • The End of Social Media Marketing As We Know It

    The day of “one size fits all” marketing solutions is over. Today, many healthcare organizations are realizing that a new set of customized tools such as social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more) are perfect vehicles for effective segmentation or “niche” marketing. These platforms give you the ability to speak directly to niche audiences (communities of shared interest such…

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  • Doing the Dance: A Lesson In Audience Engagement

    In healthcare marketing, credible content is paramount, but it's equally important for marketers to identify and create opportunities to increase engagement. And that happens when hospitals and other providers deliver relevant, accessible content that connects with the audience. At Lexington Medical Center in Columbia, SC, their Pink Glove Dance promotion not only provided compelling content, it successfully engaged the entire…

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  • Physician Videos Drive Multipronged Campaign

    Signature Healthcare in Brockton, MA launched a campaign in 2012 that addressed several issues, including physician retention and recruitment. The integrated campaign consisted primarily of physician videos, hosted on a custom-build website, and was supplemented by print ads and in-practice materials. “Our goal was to feature each doctor as a confident, genuine, unique professional,” says Dan Dunlop, principal at Jennings.…

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  • The Professional Development Imperative

    In a healthcare environment of declining reimbursements, physician shortages, reform, and changing consumer expectations – not to mention a ramped-up competitiveness – it’s never been more important for healthcare marketers to make the move from being perceived as vendors to being viewed as essential strategists within their organizations. This article explains how that change can happen.  

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