Integrating Twitter Into Your Physician Communication Strategy

As the adoption of digital communication tools by physicians grows, an opportunity emerges for physician relations departments to enhance their communications efforts by integrating digital tools into their marketing programs targeting referring physicians. This paper looks at ways in which Twitter can be used to market to referring physicians and how this digital marketing function can be successfully undertaken by…

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  • Healthcare Marketing Through Video Production

    Creating a powerful video takes more than just technical skill. There are thousands of ways to tell a story on camera, yet buried under all of these details is a compelling message that people will care about. Jason Stepanek, Jennings’ Web Content and Video Manager, describes the process of creating thought-provoking videos that form a strong connection between your organization…

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  • We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

    We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

    Over the past few months, my blog posts have focused on the many benefits of embracing Healthcare Transparency within your hospital, health system, or physician practice. In a previous article, Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer, I explored the idea of implementing a healthcare transparency program and how doing so could have a positive impact on several areas of your organization.…

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  • Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer

    Press Ganey, NRC, HealthStream, PRC, Avatar.  If you are part of a hospital, health system, or medical practice, there is a very good chance that one of these names rings a very distinct bell. In fact, I’m sure you have heard conversations that begin something like “We just got our (insert previously mentioned company name here) scores and we are…

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  • Nurturing a Human Connection with your Physicians

    Online search is a critical component in the physician selection process and nurturing a human connection with those physicians, matters more than ever in the digital space.  A recent Pew Internet study shows that about 80% of patients who are diagnosed with an illness go on the web to find information about their condition.  Another 44% of patients are researching their…

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  • Why Physician Search Matters for your Hospital

    Over the past decade, hospitals have doubled the amount they spend on marketing and communications. A massive population of aging baby-boomers along with a significant healthcare reform designed to create millions of newly insured patients, has fueled much of this growth. In 2009, hospital marketing budgets ranged from an average of $1.3 million for independent hospitals to $5.8 million for…

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  • Your Physicians Really ARE Like Rock Stars!

      While working on a white paper about hospital and physician marketing, this analogy popped into my head. Now, I’m not trying to play to anyone’s ego here, but this comparison really does lend some insight to positioning your facility in a competitive market. Especially when it comes to searching for a physician. As a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina, there…

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  • Physician Marketing – do it right and it will pay off

    At Jennings, we have an exciting new initiative is called Physicians In Focus. It's turnkey physician video production - interviewing, filming, editing - everything. The results are high-quality videos that patients and referring physicians can watch and get a real sense about the doctor on camera. Above and beyond just his or her medical expertise. It's a great alternative to…

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  • How One Health System Simplified a Complex Marketing Message

    Signature Healthcare and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, recently tackled the task of explaining an unfamiliar concept to consumers with an integrated campaign marketing its pediatric hospitalists. The campaign not only defined what a “hospitalist” is – in a fun, creative way, it communicated the hospitalists’ role in the treatment of children. The campaign consisted…

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