The Value of Return on Community in Healthcare

The Value of Return on Community in HealthcareFrom the eBook by Dan Dunlop, Principal:

The notion is simple yet revolutionary: Make an investment in community and you will realize a return on your investment.

At a time when many healthcare marketing pundits are emphasizing the importance of measuring and reporting Return on Investment (ROI), we believe it is time for us to embrace the concept of “Return on Community.”

Not that ROI isn’t important, it is. But ROI does not help communications professionals and hospital administrators understand the significant changes that need to take place in healthcare marketing for us to establish relevance with the connected consumer. The world has changed and healthcare marketing has not kept pace. We are currently facing a crisis of relevance.

We need to acknowledge that this is a new day both in healthcare and in marketing. Today consumers make the rules. They decide with what information they engage, on what platform, at what time, and on what type of screen. To capture their attention, our communication needs to have real value and meet their needs for entertainment, information and community.

Michael Dowd

Listen. Understand. Solve. Balance. In order to develop innovative solutions for our client’s marketing challenges; Michael puts his focus on all four of these. At its heart, business development is all about listening to the needs of the client, fully understanding the complex nature of those needs, and helping create solutions that they never thought were possible. When you combine these three things together, you get a perfect idea of the hard work that drives Michael each day at the office. Lastly, you need to add in the balance. Michael takes his free time just as seriously as his office time. He is a fervent French Bulldog Father, an avid supporter of local brewing culture, and a lifelong hockey fan. Listen. Understand. Solve. Balance. It brings out the best in Michael.

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