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JockeyRecently I came across an online article on the New York Times called, “The Jockey.” I wasn’t expecting anything other than a standard story, but this was no ordinary article. There were videos embedded in the article, sound and narration as well.

I thought this was unique so I contacted my New York Times rep about it.  He told me that this was the newest innovation by the New York Times. This was only the second story they have done like this but he anticipated many more in the future and I don’t doubt that.

What makes this new storytelling so unique is that it completely changes the way a story can be told to the readers. This new technique embeds video throughout the story and narration is done by both the author and the subject. The video imagery really puts the reader in the story as they read along and gains our perspective in a whole new way.

Follow this link to check out “The Jockey” and see the innovative new ways articles are being presented to readers:


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