Vine-Created TV Ads Already on their Way

Remote ControlIn January of 2013 Twitter unveiled its six-second video streaming app to the general public called Vine.  Response was overwhelming and by April, Vine was the most downloaded app in the Apple store. Today the number of users has exploded into the tens of millions. To give you an example as to how big Vine is becoming, five tweets per second now contain a Vine link.

With such a high following it should come as no surprise that brands and marketers have taken notice. Many companies have already put a branded logo on Vine like McDonald’s, GE, Taco Bell and Virgin Mobile. These companies are smart to do so because a new study shows that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video.

As Vine has increased in popularity advertisers have rushed to be the first brands to air television spots created entirely on Vine. The first of its kind to run came on September 9th when Dunkin’ Donuts ran its Vine clip during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” pregame show. The animated billboard featured a Dunkin’ latte that flips a coin and is one of four that will be seen during the NFL season.

Trident Gum also began airing a Vine ad on September 9th on Fuse, the national music television network. This ad is to run more than 100 times on Fuse over a two week period. Their goal is to engage young consumers by blurring the lines between traditional and social media.

I believe that we are only seeing the beginning of these types of ads as advertisers continue to combine social and traditional media. Vine-created TV ads are a good avenue for reaching younger and older audiences alike.  For additional information check out Karlene Lukovitz’s article on Marketing Daily.


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