We Found Your Physicians, Now What?

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doctor working on computerOver the past few months, my blog posts have focused on the many benefits of embracing Healthcare Transparency within your hospital, health system, or physician practice. In a previous article, Healthcare Transparency Can Be a Marketing Game-Changer, I explored the idea of implementing a healthcare transparency program and how doing so could have a positive impact on several areas of your organization. Let’s take a deeper look at just one of those benefits, improved SEO, and some of the potential challenges that can come from the improved exposure. Hence, I pose the question, “We found your physicians, now what?”

 I Thought Getting Found Was A Good Thing?

Increasing search engine visibility is a VERY good thing, but only if you are prepared well in advance for the increased traffic that a Healthcare Transparency Program can generate. Think about this from the viewpoint of a potential site visitor and some of the things that they may want to find when they arrive. Engaging content and a seamless process is key. Your organization needs to be in a position to provide potential patients with a rich experience from initial research to final contact.

What Can We Do To Prepare?

Think about the needs of a potential patient and what they are hoping to find when they visit your site. First and foremost, a healthcare consumer wants to feel a connection with the physician they entrust themselves to and they want to feel cared for in the process. To that end, there are two important things to consider:

  • What type of engaging physician content are they finding?
  • What will their experience be if and when they decide to make contact?

Physician Content

Let’s first take a look at physician content. For most healthcare organizations, this is an area that is ripe with opportunity for improvement. So many follow the formula of the very standardized physician profile on their websites and physician finders. These normally consist of a basic CV with the usual accolades and academic achievements, sometimes supplemented with a headshot of the physician or at worst, the non-descript avatar.

Unfortunately, none of this content does much to tell the story of who this physician really is or even begins to start the process of developing a connection. The informed healthcare consumer wants your site to be a resource to them and provide the type of content that helps them to make an initial emotional connection to a physician. So many physician profiles miss the mark. Knowing site traffic is set to increase, it is a perfect time to review what is here, and to implement content that will help drive a connection and give a visitor a reason to reach out for more information or to schedule an appointment. Video is an ideal way to do this. It engages like no text or still image ever could. It is the perfect way to humanize your physicians and effectively tell their story. Video content will also help to elevate your brand and help it to stand out beyond the competition. The more engaging the content you provide, the greater the potential ROI.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of video content that will help consumers to connect:

Breaking the mold of the traditional physician profile is a key first step to making an all-important emotional connection with potential patients.

Patient Experience At First Contact

The goal of any campaign is to drive inbound contact, whether that is via email or phone; we want to drive patients to our front door. Before we send the first person in our direction, consider, “What will their initial experience be?” Think about these questions as you begin to evaluate content and process:

  • What are our patient satisfaction scores? Is patient feedback in-line with our messaging?
  • Will the person on the other end of the phone “walk the talk” that we have set forth in our content and campaigns?
  • Do these physicians and specialists have the capacity to take on new patients?
  • How long will a new patient have to wait for an appointment?

All of these are important factors to consider. Without the right processes and systems in place, improved online visibility and engaging content will fall flat if you do not have the ability to execute on your brand promise.

Improving your SEO and search rankings are key factors in driving more potential patients to your organization. What you do with them when you have their attention is even more important. Focus on building connections with the healthcare consumer with dynamic video content and ensure you have the processes in place to deliver when it is time for them to reach out. Remember, increasing the visibility of the wrong message can be even more detrimental than not being found with the right one!

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